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How to Join

The AIPN offers two types of memberships: Active and Student. Active Membership in the AIPN is open to individuals:

  • engaged in international negotiations of hydrocarbons
  • supporting international negotiations; or
  • actively seeking participation in international negotiations.

Student Membership is open to individuals enrolled in a college or university of higher learning.

To join the AIPN, complete our online application and arrange for the payment of the first year’s dues in the amount of $150 USD for Active Membership and $25 USD for Student Membership.

Active Membership: Active Membership in the Association shall be available to all persons who are engaged in, or who are actively seeking participation in: (i) international negotiations work relating to the acquisition, implementation, or transfer of rights, title, or interests to explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons; (ii) negotiation of international commercial transactions relating to the rights, title, or interests to hydrocarbons, including the sale, purchase, transportation, liquefaction and processing of hydrocarbons and hydrocarbon products and the commercial aspects of hydrocarbon-based projects; (iii) negotiation of international commercial transactions relating to hydrocarbon-based electric generation projects; (iv) providing professional services in direct support of the international negotiations work described in subsections (i), (ii) and (iii), including dispute resolution. By way of illustration, but not in limitation, the persons providing such supporting professional services include engineers, lawyers, geologists, geophysicists, accountants, educators, investment bankers, and government officials. Active Membership shall not be open to persons seeking Active Membership for commercial purposes or to capitalize on the AIPN in furtherance of their current business, industry or trade unrelated to Section 1. A. (1)(i)-(iv) above. Each Active Member applicant must list at least three (3) Active Members, each of whom shall personally know the applicant and be able to recommend him.

Student Membership: Student Membership in the AIPN shall be available to those persons who are enrolled in a college or university of higher learning. Applicants for Student Membership status shall submit a completed application form bearing the recommendation of at least one (1) Active Member of the AIPN who is personally acquainted with the applicant; and shall furnish evidence of student status which may be in the form of a letter or other school record from that student's college or university. Student Members shall not be entitled to vote or hold office of any kind in the AIPN.

Once your application is received, it will be submitted to the AIPN Board of Directors at their Board meeting for their review. You will be notified thereafter regarding your admission. AIIPN membership is based on a calendar year from January 1 to December 31.

Retired Members: Membership dues for retired Active Members are reduced by fifty percent (50%) for so long as the Active Member remains retired. Please fill out the request below.

Retired membership request

Financial Assistance: The AIPN Membership Committee has authority, at its discretion, to waive or reduce membership dues for those members who are undergoing financial hardships, such waiver or reduction not to exceed two (2) years. If you are a member and experiencing financial hardship, you may make an application for reduced or waived membership dues by a written request to AIPN at with an explanation of the circumstances.

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