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AIPN Publications

The AIPN publishes a wide variety of resources to help support its members in international energy negotiations. These publications keep members apprised of AIPN initiatives, upcoming events and emerging trends affecting the energy industry.


The quarterly Advisor online newsletter features educational articles, upcoming events, licensing rounds and special interest articles. The Advisor is available only to AIPN members free of charge. 

Journal of World Energy Law and Business (JWELB)

The Journal of World Energy Law and Business, published by the Oxford University Press, is the official publication of AIPN. The Journal is peer-reviewed and published four times a year. It provides high-quality articles that combine academic excellence with professional relevance and benefits from the expertise of a Board of internationally respected academic, lawyers and other energy professionals.
Topics include:
  • Upstream oil and gas transactions, negotiations and financing issues
  • Oil and gas disputes, project finance, commercial transactions, pipelines, shipping, LNG, accounting, taxation and environmental issues
  • International and comparative regulatory and commercial law relating to oil, gas and energy
  • International energy policy: energy security; access to energy resources; renewable and non-conventional energy development; energy efficiency; international energy organizations; corporate strategies by private and state oil, gas and energy companies.
All AIPN members have free online access to the JWELB through the AIPN Web site. AIPN and the Oxford University Press are offering print subscriptions of the JWELB for only US$81 per year for 2016. That means you can get the print copy of the Journal for US$13.50 per issue along with online access. When you renew your 2016 AIPN membership simply select this new option and you will receive all six issues of the Journal in 2016 for US$81 (No extra shipping costs apply). Already paid your dues? E-mail for more information on how to receive this discount.
To view the JWELB, AIPN members must login to the members' area, and click on "JWELB".
Non-members, please visit
Interested in submitting an article to the JWELB? Information for authors  

History Book

The AIPN History Book centers on the AIPN’s organizational history, but also treats the roles that the Association’s members — the negotiators themselves — have played in the global oil business during their careers. It draws on newsletters of the Association and other published sources, but primarily on interviews conducted for an oral history project
undertaken in 2007 to mark the AIPN’s twenty-fifth year of operation.

Model Contracts

AIPN Model Contracts provide an invaluable service to the energy industry, significantly decreasing the time it takes to finalize a deal. These forms are prepared by committees composed of AIPN members and non-members from many different disciplines in the energy industry. The model contracts are intended to be neutral and balanced, and to provide a template including frequently used alternatives and optional clauses.
Completed Model Contracts can be downloaded free of charge from the Member's Area. Non-members can purchase any of the Model Contracts online (credit card payments only). 

Research Papers

The AIPN research paper program provides honorariums to approved authors to research and write in-depth papers on legal and/or commercial issues of current interest to the international petroleum industry. Topics include decommissioning, maritime boundary disputes, cross-border pipelines, unitization, and stabilization of investments contracts.
Members have free access to all of AIPN’s Research Papers. Non-members may purchase Research Papers online. 

International Dispute Resolution Primer

The AIPN in partnership with the Independent Petroleum Association of America has just published a “Primer on International Dispute Resolution”. It was written by Tim Martin, AIPN Past President and well known international arbitrator.

The Primer provides a comprehensive and succinct review of the essentials needed to deal with the disputes encountered by oil & gas companies in their international investments and global operations. It begins with explaining the reasons why the international petroleum sector has more disputes than any other business sector and then discusses how companies can effectively manage that risk. The book covers the kinds of disputes found in the international O&G business, the types of dispute resolution mechanisms available along with their respective advantages, and the legal framework for international arbitration. It explains how to properly draft dispute resolution clauses and what to consider in selecting counsel and in appointing arbitrators. There is a chapter specifically devoted to disputes involving governments. The book finishes with a discussion on the increasing time and cost of international arbitration and how to address those concerns.

The Primer provides extensive information sources and references on each of the topics it covers throughout the book. In addition, it has a series of appendices that provide examples of dispute resolution clauses, contact details for all the important international arbitration centres and professional organizations, handy arbitration websites to know, and a complete list of the leading textbooks, articles and reference works from the world of international arbitration. 

Download the Primer here

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