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The Young Negotiators Group (YN Group) is a special interest group designed primarily for AIPN members either under the age of 40 years old currently working in or interested in pursuing an international energy negotiations related career or for those who have less than 5 years of experience in an international energy negotiations role by providing career development and networking opportunities for the next generation of international energy negotiators.


The key aspirations of the YN Group include:
• Increasing membership and participation in the AIPN activities.
• Promoting networking events with the YN Group and AIPN.
• Providing tools for career development.
• Engaging the broader AIPN membership to participate as presenters at our speaker series breakfast and lunch events and networking events.


The YN Group was founded in 2009 due to the growing needs of the next generation international energy negotiators that have become an increasing part of the AIPN membership base. This is evident from the rapid expansion of the YN Group into 9 cities and a membership base of over 400 in just two years. The YN Group is always looking to expand into areas where there is a strong enough interest to promote our objectives. Please use the e-mail below if you are interested in starting a new YN Group.

As the regular AIPN membership fees apply, there is no additional membership fee for the YN Group. Both active members and student members may join the YN Group by clicking ‘Young Negotiator’ on the AIPN membership application. The YN Group leadership teams try to keep event fees low to enhance member participation.



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2017 Mentoring Program

The AIPN Young Negotiators group is excited to announce the 2017 Mentoring Program is now accepting applications!

Key Benefits for joining the program


  • Learn relevant industry practices and skills
  • Discuss work-related matters with seasoned professionals
  • Expand your network
  • Receive constructive feedback and support


  • Share your professional experiences and provide guidance
  • Gain exposure to new perspectives
  • Better understand generational differences
  • Reflect on career and impart knowledge

Application Process
All members who are interested in participating in the program must apply as a mentor or mentee by February 24, 2017. AIPN-YN will create partnerships based on the information provided in the applications and according to their best judgements.

By submitting an application, AIPN will try to match a mentor or a mentee based upon the information provided, however enrollment in the mentoring program is not guaranteed.
Mentors: Mentors must be Active AIPN members in good standing, with at least 5 years’ experience in the international negotiations field.

Mentor Application

Mentees: The mentoring program is designed to help YNs already working in the industry learn from a seasoned professional. It is not intended to assist with job placement. Therefore, in order to apply for the program as a mentee, you must be an Active AIPN member in good standing, working full time in international negotiations or a related field, with fewer than 5 years’ experience.

Mentee Application

Mentors and mentees are asked to use the following manuals to help guide them through the program.

2017 Mentor Manual

2017 Mentee Manual


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