Mission & Objectives


The Association of International Petroleum Negotiators is an independent not-for-profit professional membership association that supports international energy negotiators around the world and enhances their effectiveness and professionalism in the international energy community.


The AIPN is and will continue to be the premier organization for international energy negotiators, by:

  • Maintaining its "uniqueness" among professional energy organizations as independent, neutral and balanced.
  • Maintaining its cost-effective status among peers and competitors.
  • Maintaining its blend of disciplines and cultural backgrounds (commercial, legal and technical) while attracting new members with key competencies or backgrounds in order to enhance the services it offers.
  • Providing the highest quality service and value to members in order to enhance their career growth and development by offering: - Conferences, workshops and educational programs of the highest standard
  • Model contracts that are widely accepted and used in the industry
  • Networking forums in major petroleum regions
  • Timely and useful information through its website, publications and research papers


The AIPN was founded in 1981 to enhance the professionalism of cross-border energy negotiators throughout the world. It is now composed of roughly 3,000 members in more than 110 countries, representing numerous international oil and gas companies, host governments, law firms and academic institutions. AIPN members come from a variety of disciplines: commercial, technical, academic and legal. The association hosts several quality events each year that provide networking opportunities and provide valuable educational programs and tools. In sum, the AIPN aims to help the international energy negotiator be better prepared to meet the challenges of today's competitive global energy market. AIPN dues and event fees are priced lower than other professional associations to encourage widespread member involvement. One reason AIPN is able to do this is because of the exceptional financial support from numerous companies who make up its Corporate Sponsors. To help support its staff, AIPN relies on a board of committed volunteers. Members of the AIPN Board of Directors are committed to participate actively in AIPN business and activities during their terms of office. The board is elected annually, with the aim of it being representative of our global membership. AIPN's staff, based in Houston, coordinates activities and provides administrative support to the Board of Directors. Active membership in the association is available to anyone who is engaged in, or who has an interest in engaging in, international negotiations work. Student membership is available to students enrolled in a university of institution of higher learning. All AIPN members are assigned to one of AIPN’s nine regional chapters: Africa, Asia; Australia-Pacific; Canada; CIS-FSU; Europe; Latin America; MENA; and United States.

AIPN Fact Sheet