AIPN 2018 International Petroleum Summit

Networking Opportunities

Speed Networking Event
6:00 – 7:30 p.m. • Monday, April 23 • Hilton on Park Lane Hotel • Grand Ballroom 1

Face-to-face networking is a powerful & necessary tool for one’s career.  Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned negotiator, AIPN understands the value that networking has in enhancing your career.  The AIPN International Petroleum Summit is the perfect forum to maximize your networking opportunities, especially through this offering available to all attendees - a speed networking event.  This structured and fast-paced event will be held before the conference so that you can build upon your connections throughout the event. 

Participants will have the chance to meet with another fellow attendee in a one-on-one, five-minute information exchange, moving on to the next five-minute exchange with another attendee, and so on.  During each round, you should introduce yourself, mentioning where you are located, what your professional title is and what your main job responsibilities are.  At the halfway point of each round, it’s then the second individual’s turn to speak.  The number of rounds you will go through will depend on the number of those who sign-up but you should expect to have 6-10 one-on-one meetings. The event will conclude with a cocktail reception, allowing time for open, unstructured networking.  Participants can use this time to speak with those they did not have a chance to speak with or to seek out those who they would like to continue the conversation with. 
All IPS attendees are invited to sign up for this not-to-be-missed event, no matter your registration type! (Must be registered for the conference). Please note that registration is not automatic; you must sign-up while completing your registration. Once you sign-up, you will be contacted via email closer to the event with more details.

Welcome Reception
7:30 – 9:30 p.m. • Monday, April 23 • Hilton on Park Lane Hotel • Wellington Ballroom

Join us for cocktails, hors-d'oeuvres, and an opportunity to connect with IPS attendees. The reception is the perfect way to catch up with industry colleagues and create new business contacts the night before we start the conference, all while enjoying lovely views of Hyde Park.

Included in Full Delegate and Networking Only registrations. (Not included in Day Delegate registrations).

$125 Additional tickets
Dress code: business casual

Gala & Awards Dinner
7:00 – 10:00 p.m. • Tuesday, April 24 • Venue TBA

Join us at the AIPN Gala & Awards Dinner to celebrate outstanding members of AIPN and their significant contributions to the association. For the first time, the dinner will feature an awards presentation recognizing professionals and organizations for their outstanding achievements to the oil & gas industry. Three prestigious awards will be awarded in total: Deal of the Year, Discovery of the Year and New Venture of the Year. For more details on how to make nominations, please see below "AIPN Awards". The evening will start with a cocktail reception, followed by a three-course dinner and awards presentation.  Get ready for a lovely evening of networking with fellow attendees and guests!

Included in Full Delegate and Networking Only registrations. (Not included in Day Delegate registrations).
$215 Additional tickets
Dress code: business attire such as suits and dresses; no tuxedos or evening gowns necessary.

Breakfasts, Lunches, Networking Breaks

Delegates are invited to join fellow attendees in the networking areas for breakfasts, lunches and coffee breaks.  These scheduled networking times are ideal for idea sharing, meeting colleagues and making new contacts.  Start your day off each morning at the continental breakfast and talk to others about what’s to come for that day.  Use your time at the coffee breaks to meander the foyer area and enjoy the displays symbolic of the oil & gas industry.  Take part in networking time while enjoying a bite to eat at the conference luncheons taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

AIPN Awards

The AIPN 2018 IPS will feature a Gala & Awards Dinner on April 24 where esteemed professionals & organizations will be recognized for their outstanding achievements to the oil & gas industry. The objective of the AIPN Awards is to celebrate certain impactful industry achievements, underpinned by international petroleum negotiations and transactions that promote and embody the principles of AIPN in the oil and gas industry. Please make your nomination(s) starting Friday, December 15, 2017. 

Members click here to submit your nomination(s).

Award Categories

Deal of the Year

This award recognizes an outstanding and noteworthy transaction, announced within the last 12 months.

Discovery of the Year

This award will be given to a company who has made a highly significant oil or gas discovery, or an addition to discovered resources through exploration and appraisal activities, announced within the last 12 months.

New Venture of the Year

This award recognizes a new and significant commercial partnership, joint venture, arrangement or initiative, announced within the last 12 months.

Award Methodology

In the interest of transparency, AIPN’s award methodology is detailed below.

  • The AIPN “call for award nominations” will take place during a two month period.  The award nominations period will open on December 15, 2017 and close on February 15, 2018. AIPN members will receive email notifications when the call for award nominations open, as well as reminders prior to the deadline.  The call for award nominations will also be posted on the AIPN 2018 IPS website.
  • Only AIPN Active, NOC and Student members in good standing are eligible to make nominations.  Members may nominate others or self-nominate. Nominees do not need to be AIPN members to qualify.
  • Nominating members will be asked to specify:
    • the Deal, Discovery or New Venture that they are nominating;
    • the reason(s) why they believe the person and/or company should win the award (200 words max); and
    • any individuals whose contributions they believe should be specifically recognized in conjunction with the award.
  • Any information included in the nomination should be in the public domain.
  • AIPN staff will compile all nominations and submit them to the Awards Committee.
  • The Awards Committee will review each nomination submission independently and decide if it:
    • Meets the criteria of the award category;
    • Promotes or demonstrates the principles of the AIPN; and
    • Has a material impact on the industry.

Each and every nomination will be carefully considered by the Awards Committee. The committee will discuss the candidates and decide on the top three finalists in each category.  Once finalists have been decided, the committee will select each category winner through a committee vote.  The Awards Committee reserves the right to forgo giving an award in any particular year.


December 15, 2017 – Call for award nominations open
February 15, 2018 – Call for award nominations close
February 16, 2018 – Nominations are sorted and forwarded to Awards Committee
March 16, 2018 – Finalists are announced
April 24, 2018 – Award winners are announced at the AIPN 2018 IPS Gala & Awards Dinner