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Model Contracts

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AIPN Farmout Agreement - Revision of 2004 Model Contract
(Frank Cascio, Michael Darden, Jennifer Josefson)
This drafting committee has been formed to review and update the 2004 AIPN Model Farmout Agreement, Guidance Notes and Letter of Intent. The drafting committee will be co-chaired by Frank Casio (Partner, Barnes & Cascio), Michael P. Darden (Partner, Latham & Watkins) and Jennifer Josefson (Partner, King & Spalding).

Area of Mutual Interest Agreement
(Frank Alexander, Michael Josephson)
Frank Alexander, a partner with Dentons, and Michael Josephson, Assistant General Counsel, International, with Nexen Inc., will co-chair the drafting committee.

The objective of the drafting committee will be to develop a Model AMI Agreement utilizing alternatives and options as necessary to reflect different approaches to AMIs in common use in the international petroleum industry.

International Dispute Resolution Agreement - Revision of 2004 Model Contract
(Tim Martin, Jennifer Price)
This drafting committee is revising the 2004 Model International Dispute Resolution Agreement and creating new guidance notes on drafting dispute resolution clauses for international oil & gas agreements, including the AIPN Model Contracts. Tim Martin (International Arbitrator) and Jennifer Price (Partner, King & Spalding) are the co-chairs of the committee.

THIS COMMITTEE HAS COMPLETED ITS WORK. This contract is up for approval by the AIPN Board of Directors in February 2017.

Services Agreements and Drilling Contract
(Charles White, Buford Pollett, Tom Schmid)
Services Agreements and Drilling Contract

Unitization & Unit Operating Agreement - Revision of 2006 Model Contract
(Andrew Derman, David Asmus)
This drafting committee is undertaking the revision of the 2006 Model Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement (UUOA). The committee undertaking this project will be led by David Asmus and Andrew Derman and will review the model form and its exhibits in light of experience with its use over the past 8 years, discuss any enhancements that are desirable, and update the operating agreement portions of the form in line with intervening changes in the AIPN Model Form International Joint Operating Agreement. Among issues to be examined are whether the form should be split into a separate unit agreement and unit operating agreement, whether there should be a companion pre-unitization agreement, how to address unitizations where one or both blocks have already been in production, how to reconcile conflicting provisions in the affected host government agreements, whether carried interests should be addressed, and whether, and how, to address exploration and appraisal within units.

General Reference

 AIPN Model Contracts Handbook - 2006
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