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Research Papers

 "Cross-Border Unitization and Joint Development Agreements: An International Law Perspective"
 "International Unitization of Oil and Gas Fields: The Legal Framework of International Law"
 "Decommissioning of Oil & Gas Installations: The Legal & Contractual Issues" by Professor Peter D. Cameron
 "Long-Term Natural Gas Contracts and Antitrust Law in the European Union and the United States" by Kim Talus
 "Expropriation of Oil and Gas Investments: Historical, Legal and Economic Perspectives in a new Age of Resource Nationalism"
 "Stabilization in Investment Contracts and Changes of Rules in Host Countries : Tools for Oil & Gas Investors" by Prof. P.Cameron
 "Government Petroleum Contract Handbook - Vol. 1" by Frank Alexander
 2001 "Cross-border Oil and Gas Pipelines" by Dr. Sergei Vinogradov
 "Government Petroleum Contract Handbook - Vol. 2" by Frank Alexander
 2006 "The Pursuit of Stability in International Energy Investment Contracts: A Critical Appraisal of the Emerging Trends" By Professor A F M Maniruzzaman
 "How to Deal with Maritime Boundary Uncertainty in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Areas" by Martin Pratt (IBRU) and Derek Smith (Leboeuf Lamb Greene and MacRae)
 2012 "LNG Supply, Trade and Contracting Patterns: Is Transformation Happening?" by Michelle Michot Foss
 "Human Rights Responsibilities in the Oil and Gas Sector: Applying the UN Guiding Principles"
 2014 "Cross-Border Oil & Gas Pipeline Risk and Sustainable Mitigations"
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