Mentoring Program

AIPN’s Young Negotiators Group organizes a Mentoring Program each year, which is designed to help young negotiators learn from seasoned professionals. Mentors are able to share their professional experiences, provide guidance, gain exposure to new perspectives, and reflect on their careers while helping the younger generation of negotiators. Mentees are able to learn relevant industry best-practices and skills, expand their networks, have a sounding board to discuss work-related issues, and receive constructive feedback and support.

The AIPN Mentoring Program is open to members in good standing, working full time in international negotiations or a related field, with fewer than 5 years’ experience as mentees, and members with more than 5 years’ experience as mentors.

Among the benefits listed below, this program will provide a rare opportunity for younger professionals to forge meaningful relationships with experienced AIPN members.

• Learn relevant industry practices and skills
• Discuss work-related matters with seasoned professionals
• Expand your network
• Receive constructive feedback and support

• Share your professional experiences and provide guidance
• Gain exposure to new perspectives
• Better understand generational differences
• Reflect on career and impart knowledge

The 2018 AIPN Mentoring Program is no longer accepting applications. For more details on the 2019 Mentoring Program, please email