Privacy Policy

The AIPN prohibits the unlawful disclosure of its Members’ or site users’ personal information. The AIPN will protect the confidentiality of the individually identifiable information that its Members or site users provide in accordance with this policy and applicable law. The AIPN will not release its Members, or site users, name or otherwise publicize that any Member or site user purchased goods or information unless: (a) the relevant Member or user grants consent to the AIPN releasing personal information; or (b) the AIPN is required to comply with applicable law or to respond to legal process. The AIPN will not sell or trade Members’ or users’ personally identifiable information with third parties, such as sellers of goods and services.

Confidentiality Procedures
The AIPN will release a Member’s personally identifiable information to other AIPN Members to enable contact in a professional capacity and release a registrant’s personally identifiable information to other registrants at Events, unless a Member or registrant elects to have such information excluded. A Member will have a specific option to decline disclosure of his or her personally identifiable information during the AIPN membership application and renewal process and when a Member or registrant is registering for Events. The AIPN will release a Member’s or registrant’s personally identifiable information only to those with a need to know, such as AIPN staff and AIPN’s shipping carriers to deliver AIPN goods or services. 

Broad disclosure of personally identifiable information in the AIPN membership directory is strictly prohibited such as the use of the names of the entire list of names or multiple names from the directory as a whole, or individual records, as a source of contacts for unsolicited offers by the individual Members of goods or services (including training courses, consulting business solicitation, brokering asset sales) via e-mail or other methods of contacts by Members or nonmembers. Such abuses of the membership directory may lead to sanctions by the AIPN Board or Executive Committee of the AIPN including but not limited to temporarily or permanently removing the offending Member’s access to the membership directory, or terminating the offending Member’s membership in the AIPN.

When users transact with the AIPN through its website, by telephone, e-mail or facsimile, the AIPN will need to verify, and in some cases collect and store, users’ personal information, such as Member ID, name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card number and other basic information about a user for the primary purpose of completing a transaction, including, but not limited to, sending a user transactional communications.

The VP Communications has responsibility to maintain and update this policy, to address procedures the AIPN will follow to collect and store personal information, and to limit dissemination of such information.

Mailing List
Members shall have access to the Member area of the website and will be added to the AIPN’s mailing list, so that Members can receive communications regarding events, model contracts and other AIPN announcements. Non-members may be added to the mailing list from attendance lists or by opting in at any time. Any e-mail recipient may unsubscribe at any time by sending an email to

Computer Information
AIPN logs a user’s current Internet address (this is usually a temporary address assigned by an Internet service provider), the type of operating system of the user, and the type of browser software used. In addition, AIPN may keep track of what portions of the AIPN website a user is visiting. AIPN aggregates this information to help AIPN improve or create a better experience for users of the website. For example, AIPN may upgrade those parts of the website that are heavily visited.

A cookie is a piece of information that a website sends to a user’s computer, which is stored in a file on a user’s computer hard drive. A cookie does not tell AIPN a user’s individual identity unless a user has chosen to provide it to AIPN. Most cookies expire after a defined period of time.

Personally Identifiable Information
If a Member wishes to change personally identifiable information that he or she has provided to AIPN, such Member should login to the Member area of the AIPN website and click “Edit profile.”

Security and Encryption
Currently, the AIPN website uses a variety of different security measures designed to protect personally identifiable information from unauthorized access by individuals both inside and outside of the organization, including encryption (where appropriate), digital certificates, and Secure Sockets Layer. This is designed to protect a user’s personal information – such as credit card numbers, online forms, and financial data – from loss, misuse, interception and hacking. AIPN uses no encryption (data scrambling) on certain portions of the website. When on any website that asks for confidential information, checks should be undertaken to see if the information being transmitted is encrypted in order to increase the security of information.

AIPN uses reasonable efforts to create and maintain “fire walls” and other safeguards designed to ensure that, to the extent AIPN controls personal information, the personal information is used only as authorized by AIPN and consistent with this policy, and that the personal information is not improperly altered or destroyed. AIPN’s privacy protection practices help to maintain accurate, timely, complete and relevant information for AIPN’s purposes. AIPN’s communication system, software and database practices have been designed to aid AIPN in supporting authenticity, integrity and confidentiality. Although AIPN uses reasonable efforts to maintain data security when data is transmitted through third party communication service providers, AIPN does not and will not warrant the security of data during such transmission.

Children and Minors
AIPN makes no active effort to collect personal information from children under the age of 18 and does not wish to receive any such information.

Links to Other Websites
The AIPN website may contain links to other websites. These sites are not subject to this policy. AIPN recommends that site users review the privacy policies of each such websites.

Effective Date: July 16, 2014