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The JWELB, published by Oxford University Press, is the official publication of AIPN. It provides high-quality articles that combine academic excellence with professional relevance and benefits from the expertise of a Board of internationally respected academics, lawyers and other energy professionals. All members receive free online access and receive a generous discount on print subscriptions.

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Research Papers

AIPN’s annual Research Paper program offers a substantial grant to selected qualified authors for preparation of practical, thoroughly researched papers on topics directly relevant to international petroleum negotiations. and an important tool to staying up-to-date on current issues affecting the industry.

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AIPN Approves 2020 Unitization & Unit Operating Agreement

The AIPN Board of Directors is pleased to announce the publication of its 2020 Model International Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement (UUOA). The 2020 Model is an update to AIPN’s 2006 Unitization and Unit Operating Agreement. The second edition provides an updated template for unitizing two blocks under two separate contracts from the same host … Continue reading “AIPN Approves 2020 Unitization & Unit Operating Agreement”

2019 Student Writing Competition Winner Selected

Since 2001, AIPN has sponsored a student writing competition that awards students for submitting an original essay on a specific issue related to international petroleum negotiations. One student essay out of 14 submissions was selected for its topical relevance, originality of content, creativity, insight, clarity, and support for viewpoints taken. The 2019 AIPN Student Writing … Continue reading “2019 Student Writing Competition Winner Selected”

Applications Open for JWELB Associate Editor

AIPN, OUP and JWELB invite applications for the position of Associate Editor of the Journal. The Journal of World Energy Law and Business (JWELB) is the official journal of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators (AIPN). The Oxford University Press (OUP) is the publisher of the Journal. The Journal combines academic excellence with professional relevance. … Continue reading “Applications Open for JWELB Associate Editor”

Advisor Newsletter

Published quarterly, AIPN’s Advisor newsletter keeps members apprised of association initiatives, upcoming events, as well as important industry insights such as updates on country laws and government contract terms. Special interest articles are featured as well. The Advisor is a members-only resource.

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